Aaron Walz - Audio Reel & Sound Demo Links

Cryptic Studios - Magic: Legends Gameplay Various: youtu.be/2-53_T-o6Co
Cryptic Studios - Magic: Legends Tutorial Intro Cutscene: youtu.be/Iaod7I-72X8
Cryptic Studios - Magic: Legends Spells / Abilities / Creatures: youtu.be/59osGL5MxMY
Cryptic Studios - Magic: Legends Lockbox Opening UI: youtu.be/1AuC6b2Xe88
Cryptic Studios - Magic: Legends Alpha Spells Audition Reel: youtu.be/WTfG7eZffes
Telltale - Guardians of the Galaxy & Minecraft Story Mode: youtu.be/HgN7e4m4Gj0
Avatar - Redo audio from existing scene (sound design only): youtu.be/mn92CewN-C8
Zynga - Game of Thrones Slots Reimagining: youtu.be/QVR2TRX09o8
Kabam - Underworld Empire Trailer: youtu.be/QVR2TRX09o8
Kabam - Star Wars Uprising: youtu.be/WobZyFq0XyU
Riot Games - Stonehearth: youtu.be/kjW3t5wPjl8

Other Important Links

Walz Music & Sound Design: walzmusic.com
YouTube Playlist with Demos: youtube demo playlist
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/walzmusic
Bandcamp Music: walzmusic.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/walzmusic
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/aaronwalz

Resume: aaronwalz.com/resume.pdf